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Ideas for Distance Learning

Wondering how to lead a 4-H project from a distance? Educators across the globe are scrambling to develop effective experiential activities for youth to do remotely. We are compiling these resources for you, so check back soon for our suggestions. 

Ideas are also shared on our Facebook page. Join us if you are a member by searching for "Yolo County 4-H". Membership must be approved to maintain a safe space, so request to join. 

In the meantime, if you see something you think would work well, please forward it to cecapitolcorridor@ucanr.edu to add.

Ice Breakers you can do remotely: 

Project Lesson Plans, Ideas, and Resources:

Volunteer Trainings to Learn Distance Learning Strategies:

Engagement Strategies for Reimagined Classrooms

     Whether we are six feet apart or teaching online, our classrooms are going to look different this school year. No longer can we rely on our regular pair and share or group work formats, but that doesn’t mean collaboration and sharing is over. How can we take what we already know about engaging students and translate it to distanced learning experiences to build community?

     Join this edWebinar to learn about examples from a range of tech options that turn your in-class activities to ones you can use this fall.

     You can sign up here to receive an email with the recording link (webinar is full). https://home.edweb.net/webinar/commonsense20200713/#recording_34030


Packaging Your Digital Assignments: Creating Efficient and Easy-to-Navigate Lessons for Learning at Home

     In this edWebinar, examine good practices for at-home learning, discover why packaging digital assignments is important and a few tips for how to do it, and explore two tools for efficiently packaging digital assignments. 

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