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Project Materials and Related Websites:
National Directory of 4-H Materials - http://www.4-hdirectory.org

National 4-H Supply Service/ Source Book - http://4-hmall.org/

UC ANR Communications/4-H Curriculum - http://anrcatalog.ucanr.edu

Leslie Carman 4-H Supplies - http://4hsupplies-com.3dcartstores.com/

National 4-H Cooperative Curriculum System - https://4-h.org/parents/curriculum/

California 4-H Youth Development Program - http://4h.ucanr.edu/

Food Safety Training - http://ucanr.edu/sites/MISKIS/

National 4-H Headquarters - http://www.national4-hheadquarters.gov/

National 4-H Web - http://www.4-h.org/

National 4-H Council - https://4-h.org/about/leadership/national-4-h-council/

4-H National Youth Conference Center - https://4hcenter.org/

4-H Center for Youth Development - http://fourhcyd.ucdavis.edu/

CSREES-USDA - https://www.usda.gov/topics/rural/cooperative-research-and-extension-services

Yolo County Fair - http://www.yolocountyfair.net/

CA State Fair - http://www.bigfun.org/

Equine Education Advisory Committee -

Volunteer Conflict Resolution Manual
     - 4-H Complaint Response Form

Branding Toolkit


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