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Spring Show Forms

Forms will be submitted to your Project Leaders.  Please check with them for the date and time forms are due.  Project Leaders MUST verify entry forms for accuracy or they will be returned.

Creative Arts and Sciences Entries
This show will take place after the Animal portion of Spring Show ends on May 2.  Entry forms are due to the 4-H Office by Wednesday, May 26, at 5:00pm via email (preferred) to cecapitolcorridor@ucanr.edu or they can be left in the gray drop box at the 4-H Office at 70 Cottonwood Street, Woodland (please note the office is still closed to the public). Entry fees can be mailed to the 4-H Office or left in the drop box (please label with participant's name).
Animal Entries (event has passed for 2021)
Project Leaders must submit all forms to the 4-H Office by the date and time listed below (put in drop box).  Late forms will not be accepted for judging.
  • Large Market Animals - entry forms due at species' ear tagging day
  • Large Breeding Animals and Pygmy Goats - entry forms due April 1 by 5pm
  • Small Animals (except Pygmy Goats) - entry forms due April 1 by 5pm.
Record Book Forms
Forms are required to be completed at the end of the project year.  The 4-H Record Book Manual and Forms are found at the CA State 4-H website HERE.