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All Stars

The Yolo County 4-H All Star rank is the highest countywide 4-H achievement. Only qualified and selected youth 4-H members attain this rank. An All Star has shown and continues to exemplify:
  • Enthusiasm and commitment to the 4-H Program
  • Contribution to the 4-H Program
  • Citizenship and community pride
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Enjoyment of public speaking
  • A positive role model for all 4-H members
The 4-H members that are chosen to be All Stars have shown exemplary accomplishments in the 4-H Program and the community. The rank of 4-H All Star should not be looked upon as an award only, but as a responsibility. All Stars work together as a team to participate in, lead and promote the 4-H Program.
Applications for the 2018-19 All Stars are currently being accepted!  Applications are due to the 4-H Office by 5:00pm on Friday, June 15, 2018.
Interviews will be conducted Saturday, June 30, 2018.
All-Stars are available to community clubs to help with the installation of new club officers. 
All-Stars plan and lead THRIVE, a county-wide leadership training.  All Club Officers, All-Stars, and Junior and Teen Leaders should participate in the leadership training project.  These trainings will teach you how to manage groups, strive for success, speak in front of others, share your ideas, work cooperatively, set goals, and much more.
All-Stars coordinate and lead county-wide social events. 
All-Stars represent the 4-H program to the community. 
All-Stars keep the county Board of Supervisors informed of program goals and events. The Board of Supervisors is the local level of government that funds and oversees the program.
All Star Committee
Jeanette Basco
Sarah Berke
Kris Lomas
Claire Phillips
Cheyenne Adkins-Whitehead, Spring Lake
Evelyn Mandujano, Willow Oak
Will Phillips, Golden Valley
Payton Paschoal, Willow Oak
Bailey Robinson-Burmester, W. Plainfield
Kendall Warnock, Norwood
Sarah Gatie, Clever Clovers
Robert Martin, Winters
Laurissa Neri, Zamora
Hannah Lomas, West Plainfield
Mary Mast, Zamora
Erin Murphy, Willow Oak
Ashley Tenhunfeld, Willow Oak
Jenna Arciero, Norwood
Liam Campbell, Clever Clovers