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Adult Volunteer

Adults are vital in helping youth get the most out of 4-H by leading projects, encouraging children to try new things, and helping out at events.  In addition to leading projects, check out some of the other ways adults can volunteer:

Community Club Leader   Co-Community Club Leader   Assistant Community Club Leader
Adult Treasurer   Enrollment Coordinator   Assistant Enrollment Coordinator
Record Book Coordinator   Club Officer Leader

To become a Certified University of California Volunteer Leader, please:

1. Complete the On-line Enrollment*. For help, click New Members Step by Step Guide

2. Get fingerprinted. Download and bring this Fingerprinting Form to PDQ in Davis. (Please note fingerprinting fee is now $15.00 as of 12/5/2013).

3. Complete and pass the Orientation below (this will take approximately 1 hour). 
A. View the video
B. Read the Leaders' Digest.
C. Learn about Experiential Learning.
D. Take the Orientation Quiz. You must complete the quiz in a single session. Responses will not be saved if you exit before completion.

4. Meet with Delynda Eldridge, 4-H Program Representative, at an upcoming Leaders' Council meeting or by email at djeldridge@ucanr.edu.

5. Make enrollment payment to local 4-H club (give to Community Club Leader).

6. Complete any club paperwork, including: Project Leader Agreement Form

RETURNING ADULT VOLUNTEERS (no break in service)

1. Update the On-line Enrollment*. (Must have current email, phone number, and address).  For help, click Returning Members Step by Step Guide or call 530-666-8703.

2. Make enrollment payment to local 4-H club (to Community Club Leader).

3. Complete any club paperwork, including: Project Leader Agreement Form

Adult Volunteers with 1 or more program year's break in service must register as a new adult volunteer and complete the requirements above.

*You must have an email account to enroll on-line. If you do not currently have an email account, search for "free email accounts" in your web browser to select an email.

Webmaster Email: kmchurchill@ucanr.edu